If your answer is YES to any of the following questions…


Do you struggle with maintaining focus and attention during long work hours or meetings?


Have you ever found it difficult to navigate office social cues and unwritten rules?


Do you feel overwhelmed or anxious in open office environments with constant noise and distractions?


Have you faced challenges in communicating your ideas effectively in team discussions or presentations?


Do you find it challenging to manage sensory sensitivities at work, such as bright lights or loud noises?


Have you experienced difficulties in organizing and prioritizing tasks effectively in your workload?


Do you sometimes find it challenging to interpret non-verbal cues or body language during workplace interactions?


Have you encountered obstacles in maintaining a consistent work routine or adapting to sudden changes in tasks or schedules?


Do you struggle with filtering and processing information quickly, especially in fast-paced work environments?


Have you faced challenges in requesting or receiving accommodations that cater to your neurodiversity in the workplace?

…We may be the right choice for you

Evidence-Based, Solution-Focused, Empathy-Driven Support for Neurodivergent Talent in the Tech and Corporate Space

Navigating Challenges, Staying and Thriving at Work

Evolve Vocational Services

Strategy Coaching, Consultation and Counseling

Evolve Vocational Services LLC provides neurodiverse Strategy Coaching, ADA accommodation Consultation, Career & Vocational Counseling and Personal aide services. Our team focuses on working with neurodivergent clients in the Tech and other corporate settings.

Our goal is to “Prevent Performance Management, Get You Out of Performance Management, Stay at Work and Advance Your Career.”

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Our coaches and counselors have extensive experience working with clients from companies such as Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Google, and other corporate settings. We take great pride in building a strong rapport with our clients, immersing ourselves in understanding their unique strengths and needs, and customizing our services to help them achieve their goals.

With a deep commitment to client success, our team is dedicated to providing personalized support and guidance. We recognize the importance of adapting our strategies to align with the specific traits and dynamics of our clients’ employers. By understanding the unique aspects of each corporate environment, we can maximize our clients’ potential and drive improved outcomes.

Our coaches and aids are constantly open to learning and staying informed about the distinctive attributes of our clients’ workplaces. This enables us to offer targeted coaching and assistance that takes into account the organizational culture, expectations, and opportunities for growth within their specific employment setting.

By leveraging our expertise and knowledge of corporate environments, we can help our clients navigate the complexities and nuances of their workplaces more effectively. We believe in fostering strong partnerships with our clients and their employers to ensure a collaborative and successful coaching experience.

At our core, we are committed to empowering individuals in the tech industry and other corporate sectors to thrive in their careers. We understand the unique challenges they face and are passionate about providing the tailored support they need to excel and achieve their professional aspirations.”

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Coaching as an ADA Accommodation

Coaching as an ADA Accommodation for neurodivergent individuals offers numerous benefits to employers, resulting in increased productivity, reduced employee turnover, and minimized reliance on leave of absence and other health and mental health benefits.

By providing coaching as an accommodation, employers actively support the professional growth and development of their neurodivergent employees. Here are some ways coaching can positively impact the workplace:

Enhanced Productivity: Coaching equips neurodivergent individuals with strategies and tools to overcome challenges and optimize their performance. Through personalized coaching sessions, employees can improve task management, time management, and organizational skills. This leads to increased efficiency, better work outcomes, and ultimately, improved productivity.

Reduced Employee Turnover: Offering coaching as an accommodation demonstrates a commitment to supporting neurodivergent employees' long-term success and career growth. When employees feel valued, supported, and empowered, they are more likely to remain engaged and committed to their roles. This reduces turnover rates and the associated costs of recruiting and training new employees.

Decreased Reliance on Leave of Absence: Coaching can help neurodivergent employees develop coping mechanisms for managing stress and navigating workplace challenges. By equipping them with effective strategies, coaching can reduce the need for extended leave of absence due to burnout, mental health concerns, or other related issues. This leads to greater continuity in the workplace and fewer disruptions to team dynamics and productivity.

Improved Employee Well-being: Coaching provides a supportive and empowering environment for neurodivergent individuals. It addresses their unique needs, fosters self-awareness, and promotes self-care and resilience. As employees gain confidence and develop strategies to manage their work and personal challenges, they experience improved mental health and overall well-being. This, in turn, contributes to a positive work environment and reduces the utilization of health and mental health benefits.

Diversity and Inclusion: By offering coaching as an accommodation, employers demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Creating an inclusive environment where neurodivergent individuals can thrive contributes to a diverse talent pool and encourages a culture of acceptance, respect, and innovation.

In summary, coaching as an ADA accommodation for neurodivergent individuals not only supports the professional development and success of employees but also yields substantial benefits for employers. It fosters productivity, reduces turnover, decreases the need for leave of absence, and promotes employee well-being. By investing in coaching, employers create a more inclusive and supportive workplace that values the unique strengths and contributions of all employees.

DEI Trainings

Our DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Trainings for employers are specifically designed to support and empower organizations in creating equitable workspaces for neurodivergent employees in the tech industry. We understand the importance of fostering an inclusive environment that values the diverse talents and perspectives of all individuals.

Our trainings focus on teaching employers best practices for supporting neurodivergent employees and addressing sensitive issues that may arise in the workplace. Here are some key areas covered in our DEI trainings:

Creating Equitable Workspaces: We provide employers with the tools and knowledge to create inclusive policies, practices, and procedures that promote equal opportunities for neurodivergent individuals. This includes examining hiring processes, evaluating workplace accessibility, and ensuring reasonable accommodations are readily available.

Navigating Disclosure: We understand that disclosure of neurodivergent conditions is a personal decision for employees. Our trainings offer guidance to employers on creating a safe and supportive environment where employees feel comfortable disclosing their conditions, if they choose to do so. We address the importance of confidentiality, non-discrimination, and the role of accommodations in supporting employee success.

Addressing Ableism: Our trainings delve into the concept of ableism and its impact on neurodivergent individuals. We educate employers on recognizing and challenging ableist attitudes, behaviors, and biases. By raising awareness, we empower employers to foster a culture that embraces neurodiversity, respects differences, and values the contributions of all employees.

Understanding Micro-aggressions: We provide insight into the subtle forms of bias and micro-aggressions that can unintentionally impact neurodivergent employees. Employers learn to recognize and address these behaviors, promoting a more inclusive and respectful work environment. Strategies for fostering open communication, empathy, and empathy-building are emphasized.

Supporting Employee Well-being: Our trainings explore ways in which employers can support the mental health and well-being of neurodivergent employees. We provide strategies for reducing stress, promoting work-life balance, and creating a supportive network within the workplace. By prioritizing employee well-being, employers can enhance engagement, satisfaction, and productivity.

Our DEI trainings are interactive and engaging, combining educational content with practical exercises and case studies. We customize the trainings to meet the specific needs and challenges of your organization. By fostering a culture of inclusivity and understanding, employers can cultivate a more supportive and empowering environment for neurodivergent individuals in the tech industry.

Contact us to learn more about our DEI trainings and how we can support your organization in creating equitable workspaces for neurodivergent employees. Together, we can build a more inclusive future in the tech industry.

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching program is designed to provide managers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively support and empower their neurodivergent employees. We understand the unique challenges that managers may face when working with neurodivergent individuals and the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Through our Executive Coaching program, managers will gain the following benefits:

Communication Best Practices: We provide managers with tools and strategies to improve communication with their neurodivergent employees. This includes learning to adapt their communication styles, employing clear and concise language, and using visual aids or other assistive technologies to enhance understanding. By improving communication, managers can create a more inclusive and effective work environment.

Understanding Neurodivergent Talent: Our coaching program helps managers develop a deep understanding of the strengths, abilities, and unique perspectives that neurodivergent individuals bring to the workplace. By recognizing and valuing these talents, managers can create opportunities for neurodivergent employees to thrive and contribute their best work.

Career Support and Development: We equip managers with strategies for providing meaningful career support to neurodivergent employees. This includes identifying individual goals, creating development plans, and offering appropriate training and resources. By fostering career growth and advancement opportunities, managers can help neurodivergent employees reach their full potential and contribute to organizational success.

Building Inclusive Work Environments: Our coaching program emphasizes the importance of creating inclusive work environments where neurodivergent individuals feel valued and supported. Managers learn to identify and address potential barriers and biases, promote diversity and inclusion initiatives, and cultivate a culture of acceptance and respect. This creates a more inclusive and welcoming workplace for all employees.

Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution: We assist managers in developing problem-solving and conflict resolution skills specific to working with neurodivergent employees. Managers learn to approach challenges with empathy, patience, and flexibility. They gain strategies for resolving conflicts, addressing misunderstandings, and fostering positive working relationships.

Our Executive Coaching program is tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges faced by managers working with neurodivergent employees. Our experienced coaches provide personalized support, guidance, and feedback throughout the coaching journey. We are dedicated to empowering managers with the skills and knowledge they need to create a supportive and inclusive work environment where neurodivergent employees can thrive.

Contact us to learn more about our Executive Coaching program and how we can support managers in effectively working with neurodivergent talent. Together, we can create a workplace culture that values diversity, fosters inclusion, and maximizes the potential of all employees.

EAP Services

We are proud to offer Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services specifically designed to support neurodivergent employees in their workplace journey. Our EAP services provide a range of resources and support to help neurodivergent individuals navigate challenges, enhance their well-being, and thrive in their professional lives.

Here's what our EAP services offer:

Confidential Counseling: We provide confidential counseling services tailored to the unique needs of neurodivergent employees. Our experienced counselors are trained to address a wide range of concerns, including stress, anxiety, depression, work-related challenges, and personal issues. By offering a safe and supportive space, we aim to empower neurodivergent employees to seek the assistance they need to overcome obstacles and enhance their overall well-being.

Work-Life Balance Support: We recognize the importance of work-life balance for neurodivergent individuals. Our EAP services offer strategies and resources to help employees manage their professional and personal lives effectively. We provide guidance on time management, setting boundaries, and finding healthy ways to recharge and relax. By supporting work-life balance, we help foster a healthier and more sustainable approach to work.

Mental Health and Wellness Resources: We offer a wealth of mental health and wellness resources that are specifically tailored to the needs of neurodivergent employees. These resources cover a range of topics, including stress management techniques, self-care strategies, mindfulness exercises, and resilience-building practices. Our goal is to provide neurodivergent employees with the tools they need to maintain their mental well-being and thrive in the workplace.

Referrals to Specialists: In some cases, neurodivergent employees may require specialized support or services. Our EAP services include referrals to a network of trusted specialists who have expertise in working with neurodivergent individuals. Whether it's for assessments, therapy, or other specialized interventions, we can connect employees with professionals who understand their unique needs and can provide the necessary support.

Support for Workplace Accommodations: We understand the importance of workplace accommodations for neurodivergent individuals. Our EAP services offer guidance and support in navigating the accommodation process. We can provide information on ADA guidelines, assist in communicating accommodation needs to employers, and help employees understand their rights and options. Our aim is to ensure that neurodivergent employees have the necessary support to perform their best in the workplace.

Our EAP services are designed to be accessible, supportive, and comprehensive, providing a valuable resource for neurodivergent employees and their employers. By offering these services, we strive to create an inclusive and supportive workplace culture that values the well-being and success of all employees.

Contact us to learn more about our EAP services and how they can benefit your organization and its neurodivergent employees. Together, we can foster a workplace environment that promotes mental health, well-being, and overall employee satisfaction.

EAP Services

We offer resource navigation support specifically tailored to the needs of neurodivergent employees. We understand that accessing the right resources and services can sometimes be challenging, and we are here to help navigate the process and connect employees with the support they need to thrive in the workplace.

Our resource navigation support includes:

Information and Referrals: We provide comprehensive information on a wide range of resources and services available to neurodivergent individuals. This may include educational materials, support groups, counseling services, vocational training programs, assistive technologies, and community organizations. We offer personalized recommendations based on each employee's unique needs and circumstances.

Guidance on Accommodations: We assist neurodivergent employees in understanding their rights and options regarding workplace accommodations. We provide information on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines and help employees navigate the process of requesting accommodations from their employers. Our goal is to empower employees to effectively communicate their needs and ensure they receive the necessary support to thrive in their roles.

Accessing Mental Health Services: We understand that mental health plays a crucial role in the well-being of neurodivergent individuals. Our resource navigation support includes assisting employees in accessing mental health services, such as counseling or therapy. We provide information on providers who specialize in working with neurodivergent individuals and can help employees find the right fit for their needs.

Community Support and Networking: We help connect neurodivergent employees with support networks and communities where they can find understanding, encouragement, and shared experiences. This may include local support groups, online forums, or professional networks that focus on neurodiversity and related topics. Building connections with others who have similar experiences can provide a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Education and Training Opportunities: We assist neurodivergent employees in identifying educational and training opportunities that can enhance their skills, knowledge, and career prospects. This may include workshops, webinars, courses, or certifications that focus on topics relevant to their professional development and specific needs.

Our resource navigation support is personalized and tailored to the unique needs of each neurodivergent employee. We strive to provide comprehensive guidance, information, and referrals to ensure they have access to the resources and support necessary for their success.

Contact us to learn more about our resource navigation support and how we can assist neurodivergent employees in accessing the resources they need. Together, we can navigate the path to success and create a supportive and inclusive workplace environment.


We are a diverse team providing services for diverse clients. Our diversity transcends race, gender, sexual orientation, and disability.


We provide the following types of counseling: 

  • Career Counseling

  • Addictions and substance use counseling 

  • Mental health counseling 

  • Newly diagnosed with a condition and exploring how to navigate your career and limitations from your diagnosis.  

We accept these insurances: 

  • Humana
  • Optimum
  • United Healthcare Shared Services


We listen, ask clarifying questions and explore tools to achieve goals. 

  • Coaching as an Accommodation
  • Life Coaching 
  • Personal Aid Service 

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